Stepping into yourself


This work is about discovering greater ease, connection and joy in your life and in your heartfelt work.  I will be your companion as you step into more of yourself: your emotional experience, your longings, your truth.  From this place, each step forward can be taken with integrity and purpose, even if the path ahead is not always visible.    



The way you stand, sit and move – it all continuously creates your way of being in the world: what you are inviting, what you are pushing away, what you are inspiring in others.  It’s like we are moulding ourselves to our social and emotional environment.  And when we are out of sync with this environment – whether we are burning out or lacking purpose – the signs are felt and expressed through the body first. Often this is all mostly unconscious, or untrusted.  Our work together will help to shine a light on this felt sense and support you to practice enacting something new, so that you can truly choose how you show up in the world.  


Embodying change

Participating in the whole


Life happens in the space between us, in the dance between you and other. So our work together will place you in the teams, communities and cultures that you find yourself in, exploring the dynamics, belongings, conflicts and loyalties.  Rather than think in terms of individual goals, it’s more about finding ways of balancing the whole and reconnecting self-care with collective care.  


What surrounds us is what is within us

T. F. Hodge

Free resources

The short and accessible practices below are all tailored to different aspects: centering in times of stress, finding purpose, tapping into intuitive wisdom, discovering a gratitude that serves the world, speaking truth to power, etc. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to make it a habit. If you practice when you are at ease (e.g. regularly at the beginning of every day) then it will become easier to reach for when you are off-balance.