Systemic Practice


I work with organisations who see themselves as communities with purpose, grappling with the weight of systemic change, to find creative ease in the midst of everything.  Three principles guide the work: say yes to the mess, sense into the whole, and flow through the cracks.


All systems have a purpose, all systems are serving somebody, some of the time.  All systems are resilient and creative.  We see time and again how the system pings back into shape when we limit ourselves to addressing only one part of it. Instead we want the system to know itself better – trusting in the knowledge that life wants to flow towards wholeness.  


So start in the midst, the mangle of everything.   Look directly at what’s keeping you stuck and amplify, enliven it. And then we can find the gold: the wisdom hidden in plain sight.  Because those uncomfortable edges are where the creative energies for change lie.  

Say Yes to the Mess

Sense into the whole

Systems are complex – not complicated.  We are all natural sensors who have evolved over millennia within complex systems: our families, communities and local ecology.  When our ancestors tracked their prey or navigated over water, they used all their senses and deep intuitive feel for their environment.  Rather than ‘systems thinking’, we too can soften our gaze and sense into our system.  


Embodied intelligence and intuition are aspects of ourselves that have been historically ignored – suppressed even. These sources of wisdom honour the complex, ambiguous, paradoxical, non-linear nature of reality.  Cultivating them opens up the ability to consciously connect patterns – the forces driving and sustaining systems – in a way that our rational mind cannot. 

At perfect equilibrium, life stops.  Even our heart beat is irregular.  Life is constant movement, change and exchange.  And in the wilderness of change, awaiting a roadmap is crazy. Instead, by generously attending to what’s happening right now we trust that something bigger will emerge.   


So we look for the genuine next step, the crack of light, the soft ripe space to begin movement.  Often that next step is a small but thrilling disturbance – one which suspends our belief in existing entrenched power dynamics and opens space for a new conversation to happen.  

Flow through the cracks

The Vibe

I like to work playfully and with compassion, throwing in some provocation from time to time.  I follow the motto to ‘comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’ (Cesar A. Cruz).


I focus on creative and mindful practices to stay in the uncertainty and nurture the collective wisdom: constellations, social presencing theatre, yoga nidra, improv practices and movement, metaphor and visualisations, and other things we may come up with in the moment.  


I work both face to face and virtually.  I have developed specific practices to ensure that working virtually is still a deep and insightful experience.