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Five provocations and practices to to help you participate heartfully and artfully in the profound shifts happening today


Practices to reconnect with yourself and the planet.



rest in aliveness

embody change

sense into the system

In a world of relentless pace, rest – our birthright – is radical.  We can stop the futile effort of trying to think our way out of the problems we have created for ourselves and instead clear a space to discover that which has not been heard before.   Start close in.  Come home to yourself.

When we find ourselves more fully in our body, we also find ourselves more fully in the body of the world.   Walk into the centre of your emotional experience, step into the gravitational pull of your longing, move away from the bureaucracy of habit and enact something new.  

You can’t fight the system, its brute force.  But there is a change wanting to happen.  Help the system to feel itself, and sense into the soft spaces ripe for change.  This is not boxing, it is tai chi, it is a dance. We flow through the cracks.

The Body Politic philosophy

The systems and political communities we live within are ecologies, not machines.  When we recognise their aliveness, we also recognise our own aliveness.  More than ever, we need to come back to ourselves and find our deeply embodied humanity and compassion. Because only a tender and vibrant body politic can feel its way through the convergence of crises we find ourselves in towards a new world.

I am Sophie Tidman, founder of Body Politic. Recovering economist and advisor in 3 continents for over a decade before I realised that I didn’t really have any answers.  Nowadays I am more focused on partnering, and being enchanted with life.  I am continually tested, blessed and schooled in this endeavour by my two little girls, our Newfoundland puppy, a brood of chickens and a garden that is rather larger than the greenness of my fingers can cope with.