The world knows how to create itself

A body moving in flow emerges out of a little bit of movement from a lot of places, each part in conversation with the others. The body partners with gravity and the movement emerges from the feet, up. The breath moves the body, moves even that heavy head of ours, with transparent ease.


Our political body strains and stiffens under the exaltation of the dramatic move – the one ‘big idea’.  We prefer heroic moon gazing leaps to the mundane hewing of grooves upon which the unexpected can slip in.   And so subtle stirrings are quashed in the hardship of not being thought enough.

We will start flowing when we drop the hierarchy of head over body and trust in, amplify, the change that is continually happening under the skin.  When we utterly trust in the irrepressible spirit underlying everything.

Image courtesy of Ahmed Odah on

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