About the Body Politic

The Body Politic supports those grappling with systems change to discover greater creative ease through mindful and embodied practices.


The systems we are confronted with are not problematic obstacles but living ecologies with huge potential to sense and adapt from within.  As part of the whole we are each gifted to sense and respond spontaneously in the moment.  And so it is that we will feel our way through the convergence of crises we find ourselves in by becoming more attuned, more receptive and more alive.   It is not complicated.  But it takes a daring undoing – of certainty, of roadmaps, of all the crash barriers we put between ourselves and each other and the world.   


Let’s remember – the systemic challenges we collectively face did not emerge because we the world has not been busy enough!  When we fight a system, we can unwittingly assume its shape.  When we move quickly, we move out of habit.  Artful change is about slowing down and broadening out your awareness to listen to that which has not been said before and start a new conversation.  Do less, and do it slower.  This is not a fight, it’s a dance.  And thriving is an act of resistance.  

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature

Joseph Campbell

So change starts close in: it is a welcoming home to yourself.  More, far more, than the machinery of predictions, targets and algorithms, we need humanity – your humanity – in all its wonder.  Trust the magnificence of your path and all its disappointments.  Trust that you belong to this earth and each other.  Trust your griefs, your despair, your yearnings, your joys.  Trust the resting wisdom that suddenly emerges.  Trust the wild risk within that is waiting to break upon the world.  

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