Autumn Glory

I love the Autumn - the luxury of comforting stodgy cooking in the kitchen, using much of the fruit gathered from the trees in our garden. Quite a haul it was this year, particularly from our pear trees. It inspired a short poem.

Autumn Found

Heavy fruits fall – apples, plums, pears

Summoned now to unruly ease

Reclaimed from the heady labour

Of becoming – so suddenly steeped,

Spilt over

A tenderness falls with the light 

My nostrils find her soft dampness 

Spiced with summer’s haloed regrets 

So Autumn slips in, crooked

Glory she

Clear skinned, syrup stained, speaking low

Rejoice, rejoice, in the fallen and found

Into fallow, fallow, fallow and found,

Find yourself found, found fallen to

Earth, rejoice.

A related Yoga Nidra celebrating the Autumn Equinox:

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